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Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart
for your Website and Office Desktop Computer**

Every organ and every part of your body is directly linked to a specific tooth or area of the mouth via these meridians, or energy highways. The Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart has been developed to allow the dentist and patient to learn about the relationship between the teeth and the body as an aide for overall health and wellness issues.

This easy-to-use tooth chart is an effective tool for educating patients about the relationship of their mouth to the rest of the body.

When you purchase the Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart, you will receive a CD-Rom containing:
  • Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart contained in a file that will run on your desktop computer
    (exe for PC and app for Mac)
  • Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart contained in a file that will run only on your website
    SWF file that will be locked only for your domain. No one will be able to download the file and use it away from your web site.) After purchase, you will submit your domain name so we can create your custom file.
  • PDF file containing instructions and recommendations
  • At no extra charge, you may choose to have the files emailed to you while you are waiting for the arrival of your CD-Rom.

    Upgrades for two years are included with purchase

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Check out the Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart in action!
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