American College of Bio-Compatible Health, the educational arm of our mission, to provide up-to-date, science-based educational programs, helping health care professionals provide improved care to patients, enhanced leadership and service to their communities, and meet federal and state training requirements by providing high quality comprehensive training programs.

The Freedom Spring System is our flagship product, offering total body fitness, aerobic exercise and cellular detoxification through the unique combination of rebounding and upper-body resistance training. The Freedom Spring System is ideal for anyone wanting to get fit, lose weight, or enhance their current exercise program through the distinctive benefit of detoxification of the body offered by rebounding.

TalkInternational.com, in its 19th year on the web, is the leading website on issues relating to mercury toxicity issues, directory of holistic and biological dental service providers, holistic doctors and alternative medicine health services, and the leading message board forum for discussion and information regarding toxicity issues.

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