Our Mission

Since 1990, American Bio-Compatible Health Systems has been providing personal care in the field of Biological Dentistry, treating the entire body through detoxification and the use of biologically compatible materials that the body will most readily accept. American Bio-Compatible works in conjunction with physicians who are dedicated to a preventative approach to good health.

In early 2002, American Bio-Compatible Health committed itself to developing companion products which serve to promote overall health and wellness, with our continued focus on detoxification of the body and improving one’s immune system. One of our new products is the very well received Freedom Spring System.

We believe that health and longevity is achieved by addressing diet, exercise and spirit. One might think of “spirit” as attitude and emotional expression. It is our mission to provide products and programs that are beneficial and effective in promoting your good health and enjoyment of life. The Freedom Spring is one of our flagship products accompanied by other programs and products. Thank you for joining us in our journey for truth, health and the enjoyment of life.